My initial inspiration for this image was to paint a cozy living room in a dark inhospitable setting as a reflection on how people support each other and find connection within challenging circumstances.  The COVID pandemic did not completely stop people from coming together; we had outdoor bubble walks and ZOOM!

However, as I was painting this image it also started being about the strange juxtaposition of our comfortable material lifestyles (in affluent societies) with the serious threat of climate change.  This discord strikes me especially when watching videos on the Weather Network of fires, floods or hurricanes and then inbetween each video seeing a commercial for The Brick where a carefree blond woman lounges on her new stylish furniture.  Strange times indeed!

But probably the strangest part of this painting is the carpet in front.  I wanted the carpet to be an abstract design that somehow symbolizes the mood of the time we are in.   It kind of ended up looking like a calendar, with geometric structure that reminds me of the rhythm of days, though every day is different.  The broken curving line underneath, could refer to our individual life path which is always present, often in spite of our own agendas.

“Living Room” is my own reflection of “the strange times we are in”.  You may have a totally different interpretation of this painting, depending on your own personal experience, which is part of the magic of art.

Painting:  Living Room, 24″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas, 2021