Painters House: Acrylic painting of a colourful patchwork house on the beach. A fun, whimsical feeling with a shadowy dark edge.

Painters House 2010

Original:  24″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas, SOLD

I grew up on the beach at Point Holmes in Comox, B.C.  and over the years became very attached to this location.  Eventually I had to leave my childhood home but afterwards I would often have dreams about the magical place where I grew up.  In one dream my house had been moved to the very edge of the beach ready to be shipped away.  “Painters House” was inspired by that dream.  I painted it in a patchwork of colour, kind of like a palette, to be a metaphor for who I have become now – an artist.  It also means that as I’ve grown up, I have become my own person.

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