Courage: Acrylic on canvas. A person walking alone on trail through a tall blue forest. The trees feel like a sacred cathedral.

Courage 2015

The reference for this painting was a blurry photograph I took while on a mountain bike ride in Squamish, B.C.  At this point of the ride, you left a clearcut and entered a forest of tall trees, the transition was striking.  The trail was straight allowing you to see far ahead.  I called this painting “Courage” because to me it is about “walking your own path” and the bravery that takes.

This painting hangs in my office, and anytime people who haven’t seen it come into my office, they stop and take in a breath.  They all see the light that slips through the trees, and the person who has walked through them.  But what is perhaps most remarkable is that almost everyone remarks at how peaceful the painting makes them feel, when at first they thought there was something a bit spooky about walking through a dark forest.     Brad, Victoria

Original:  24″ x 38″ acrylic on canvas, SOLD

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