Wisdom, 2022

I came across this old cedar on the new 25 km multi-use trail called ʔapsčiik t̓ašii (pronounced: ups-cheek ta-shee and meaning going in the right direction on the trail) through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve between Ucluelet and Tofino.  My husband worked as a biologist on this project – there are even amphibian trails under the highway for northern red-legged frogs that breed in the bogs.

I was impatient to ride this trail for the first time and it was well worth the wait.  When else do you get to smoothly cruise on a paved trail through a wild West Coast forest and along world famous beaches?  In the midst of blissful ride on a sunny April day, I looked up to see this old faded cedar standing near a bog.  I was struck by how it had grown into a perfect spiral, a visual testament to the wild weather this tree had survived for many years – earning the title “Wisdom” in my painting.

Original:  24″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas, $2295

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