Night Riders, 2022

Mountainbiking at night creates a whole new visual spectacle that I have been inspired to paint.  Colours come out only where you shine your light – you can see the trail directly ahead, but otherwise you are surrounded in darkness.  To me this is also a metaphor for life, especially when your path may be unclear and you need to rely on your intuition to guide you..

A group of about five of us transform from regular daytime people into dark shadows on bikes with bright spotlights on our heads and handlebars and enter the woods.  Wherever our lights don’t shine is a black void; wherever they do makes the forest look like a movie set.  Others riding ahead look like an otherworldly sequence of lights moving through the forest in a chain, like “Starlink”, the Elon Musk satellites.  Animals must think we are hunting for food.

You may read more here about how fun night riding is:  Night Riding: Another Dimension to Winter

Original:  24″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas, SOLD

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